Wellmage is an experienced Web development team with a focus on PHP and the overall LAMP stack, JavaScript/Node.js, Linux System Administration, relational databases, and communication.

We develop websites on the most powerful up-to-date platforms such as Shopware, PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify. We meet specific business needs from defining the strategy to user experience and responsive design including engineering and testing.

Wellmage has helped 100+ clients develop software solutions and competitive advantages since 2012. It’s an experienced team of 15 technology professionals with degrees in computer science. We have launched 30+ web sites and helped 70+ businesses to grow. We can help you revolutionize the way you interact with your customers.

What we offer to you:

  • We provide all development infrastructure for you: Project Manager as the point of contact, Team Leader, Quality Assurance department, DevOps.
  • We have good communication and the ability to work in your timezone.
  • We have well-organized and effective development workflow: ticket system, project documentation, everyday reports, short iterations, fast delivery of valuable products.

We provide the Full Development Cycle:

  • ideas
  • researching
  • pre-development
  • project planning
  • development by iterations
  • quality assurance
  • long-term maintenance
  • marketing and Search engine optimization on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Working with us, you can stay sure that your web app will be of high quality. Our portfolio and feedback prove that.

30+ Web sites launched

70+ Businesses were grown with our help

100+ Happy customers

10+ Years of experience

Оur clients

We helped more than 100 stores from Europe, North America and Australia go live and have a fantastic experience in eCommerce. Many of our clients became local market leaders because of the efforts of our developers. Successful projects accomplished together with Wellmage helped some managers who worked with us climb to the top of their career ladder.

How to work with us:

  • You send us the description of your tasks (via email, Skype call, personal meeting)
  • If necessary, we can help you create technical specifications
  • We provide you an hourly estimate for each milestone and divide it into weekly iterations for FREE
  • If we agree on the estimate, you prepay for the 1st week and we start working, then at the end of the week you check the results and the weekly report and we discuss the development of next iteration
  • If you come up with new ideas after the start of the project, we review them and make an estimate as for a new iteration

Meet our team:


Our people are the most essential asset we’re proud of.

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