Website audit and optimization


Analysis of current Magento installation

Checking current Magento version, installed patches, getting a list of integrations.


Server performance audit

Server type, server data (operating system, file system, etc.), server configuration.


3rd party extensions review

Modules conflicts, influence of modules on webstore speed performance, modules security vulnerabilities.


Code quality review

Following to Magento Guidelines, critical errors research, performance issues research.


Database integrity review

Database integrity, database configuration optimization, suggestions on expanding the database, suggestions on database application.


Frontend review

Usability, page loading speed, following to Magento Guideline, Javascript review.


Detailed explanation of findings and suggested solution

Here we provide you with a roadmap of your website optimization. We explain in details each point of provided report, in which we describe the list of problems and approximate estimates for fixing the issues.on database application.

When ecommerce comes to a certain point when it evolved so that number of purchases is huge, traffic is overwhelming and stress upon webstore is such that intermittent declines and breakdowns become irritating practice of buying in such stores.

What happens next. A webstore owner approaches hosting company for a bigger hosting plan or browse on the Internet for site optimization practices he can implement. However, not always the issues disappear with newer hosting plan nor after an applied optimization solution proposed by Hosting support.
Why it happens. The answer is obvious: the problem is often addressed from server perspective or from php perspective, leaving unaddressed Magento® aspects or combination of php and Magento® or combination of Magento® + server and database.

Very often, badly adjusted or customized plugin may conflict with another extension, causing a dramatic grow of pending queries, which slow down pages load time or there are more subtle issues on rapidly growing web sites where only complex optimization (code refactoring, server boosters, upgrades, etc) can cure the problem.
If your web store suffers of any of these issues we will be glad to help and conduct a diligent site audit, figure out main problems and work out a plan of optimization.

You can also hire our Certified expert for temporary troubleshoot if your problem is urgent and intolerable.
Please, contact our managers and explain the problem to them.

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