Shopware development

Create your Shopware online store with the team that has developed over 500 Ecommerce projects. Working with us means:

  1. You receive transparent reports on our work, communicate with a dedicated account manager and have control over your project as we add you to our task management system.
  2. You get the team that is online 24/7 and can talk to you in English, German and French.
  3. Team Leads with 10+ years of experience are working on your project.

We can develop a Shopware website from scratch, migrate the website from another platform, create a custom design and implement it. There is also a service of support: we can control that your website works well during high sales or holidays to avoid failures.

Why choose Shopware as your Ecommerce platform

Shopware offers a good set of tools to create an online store at any scale: from the small family business to enterprise-level companies like Philips, Discovery Channel, Mars, M&Ms. The platform is versatile, scalable, and focused on the European market. It offers several distinguished features:

  1. Combination of user-friendly admin panel and versatile frontend.
  2. There are more than 1500 themes in the Shopware marketplace. And as the platform is quite fresh you can find lots of themes rarely used by other stores and do not have to pay for a custom theme.
  3. Cloud-based or on-premise solutions so you can have a managed platform or fully controllable hosting.
  4. A wide community that creates many guids, tutorials and videos where you can find proven tips and tricks on how to manage your shop or integrate new features.

Shopware Store Development

The BelVG Shopware developers ensure that you try out all the advantages of the platform. We have extensive experience in creating online shops for large enterprises as well as for small businesses. We can build a simple online shop or a fully custom solution with different integrations and complex features.


If you want to create a Shopware website, the BelVG team can speed up the process and make up a detailed plan of development. Then we work together as your team, and as a result, you get the website you need.


We also provide support for Shopware websites to ensure their smooth work and minimize the risk of website failures. You can always be online for your customers.

Migration to Shopware from other platforms

The migration from another platform to Shopware can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of integrations and modules. But the advantages of switching to Shopware are worth the effort: decent SEO tools, B2B suite, integrations with various sales channels like Facebook or Instagram.


We migrate the website to Shopware with several steps. The first one is an audit of the website that shows all integrations and systems the website uses. Then we plan the migration in detail and migrate it step by step with all extensions, integrations, updating the theme if needed. All functionality and data will be migrated without losses.

Shopware Design and Plugin development

We are experienced in creating and configuring plugins for different platforms. If you need a functionality that Shopware does not offer by default, the BelVG team can find you one among 3500 existing Shopware plugins or develop a unique solution.


BelVG has 15+ years of experience in Ecommerce development and we have plugins of our own. We can deal with the shipment, payment, or management apps for both Shopware 5 and Shopware 6.

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