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Articleand is a New York based fashion online store selling apparel. The business is having a full arsenal of women’s dresses, shoes and accessories of different kinds.


The work with a client started with an urgent request to upgrade an existing store up to the latest Magento 1.9 version with all security patches and extensions updates which we successfully accomplished in thus making the store a fresh and up-to-date.


The updating of the e-commerce website turned to redesign of the website, implementation of it and Frontend development with corresponding Backend support. Besides the desktop version of the store we took special care of the mobile one keeping it neat, stylish and clean.


The client decided not to use One-step Checkout and get back to the classic step-by-step Checkout look which we eventually redesigned according to the look of the website.


The main page of each website is of course the Home Page which is being the greeting card to business. We didn’t leave it unnoticed and assigned our team to work on the header, menu, main slider, images of products and footer of the website in the both desktop and mobile versions. As a result the slider has been extended and a bit changed in its look, the icons have been moved, the images have got the brand new bigger stylistics and the fonts on the page have been taken care of.


Another page we paid our attention to was the product page that has been significantly reworked. The tabs, the social media as well as the whole styling of the page have been either changed or added by the members of our team.


Upon the development of the design and Frontend and Backend changes on pages, we pushed the changes to the live site successfully and received kind compliments from and their customers.



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