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Everytime you see a bearded man on the streets of Stockholm, there is a chance that he is grooming his beard using products purchased on this shop that our team helped to develop.


Beardshop is a shop for shaving accessories that helps hipsters, punks, metallists and any simple bearded human to keep his beard in a good shape.



This client of ours wasn’t satisfied with their old server and the way they site used to look.




I. Migration

So first of all we helped them migrate to a new server which went pretty smoothly.


II. Dev copy and upgrade

We created a dev copy of their site and upgraded the version of Magento to the latest version available at that moment. Before the upgrade we deleted extensions that weren’t necessary for the client anymore.


III. New theme

The client wanted a fresh look and we offered them several options. We selected a bunch of themes that corresponded best to their business. The client picked one that we secretly liked most (it was our theme developed my one of our team members). Then we installed the new theme on the dev copy.


IV. Customisation of the new theme

Then the client shared with us a general idea of how they wanted their site to look and sent us a design draft. Our talentend frontend developer applied the changes on the theme.


V. Final adjustments

Then we made the final test and checked how the site worked. We found several bugs in extensions and fixed them.


VI. Going Live

Before going Live we applied the Live DB on the dev copy to check how it affected the store. We made some tests and fixes. Then we decided with the client on when to go live and again refreshed the DB, switched to live domains and made final adjustments.


Feel free to check how the site looks now. If you are looking for similar services, please send us a request. We’d be glad to provide you a free quote.





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