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CTI Party is a company providing a large set of products useful for those who want to throw great parties. Their main idea is to make happy moments in people’s lives happier. A large set of parties can be decorated and enhanced thanks to products provided by CTI Party. Baby showers, proms, confirmations, weddings – all best moments in the life of Danish and Swedish people go together with this company.

These guys built a successful business but as with any successful business, there is always a time when you need to change something. And in their case their website that served faithfully and loyally during a couple of years got outdated. And they tried to work with a remote team from Thailand (at least it’s what we were told) and they built a site with a bunch of serious problems in core files of Prestashop.

Their manager contacted us saying that they had troubles with the development team and that their site was a complete disaster. There was a question: to abandon the project or make it live. We decided to make it live and started hardworking on the code and on the design.

They had a problem with categories: they were not showing up correctly due to troubles with core files. We first thought that we overcame this obstacle, but then the problem was appearing again and again. We found out that this was a problem with server settings and started playing with server configuration. Our changes helped to speed up the site. Applying nGinx for static content and kicking the hosting admin via emails can make great things.

A customer can select type and form of their balloons, preview them, add some custom features and request shipping. As a result, a customer sees the price and orders a bunch of balloons (s)he selected and customized.

This project is an example of how we can revive hopeless projects. Thanks to our help checkout was restored, Frontend looks way better than it used to and a bunch of backend settings applied helped to assure there are no critical glitches that were there before.


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