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Famous is a Dutch store that sells collectible pieces of art and rare books. They came to us with some maintenance requests.

They have a pretty big collection of paintings and modern art and they sell them online using Woocommerce plugin. Their products are not just simple items that can be photographed from different angles and have the same size in catalog. Some of their products have strict dimensions that can’t be changed otherwise they’ll lose their look and a potential buyer won’t be able to estimate what a masterpiece this item is. So long story short they had a catalog with products images that had different sizes and the client wasn’t able to change their size as it wasn’t a good idea from their point of view. And the issue was that when products thumbnails had different size and on catalog page there were many blank spaces. Our task was to arrange the catalog page and place these images so there are no blank spaces. We have written a script for that purpose and as you can see now on their catalog page there are no big blank spaces.

Another issue was that if we opened an author at the back office, the option to add an image was gone for an existing artist. When you created a new author, you were able to add new images, but it wasn’t possible to add new images to existing authors’ collections. The issue was pretty trivial: there was a limit of images per author and it wasn’t possible to add more than 100 images. Disabling the limit helped to fix the issue.

The client also wanted to display that a product is out of stock only on product page, not on catalog page. There were many tasks of the kind. Most of them related to sorting of products and optimizing the way products are displayed. So if you need your WordPress to look better, feel free to send us a request and we’ll handle your site with great care.





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