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The client had the following request: “Someone developed an student grade system for us but you can only give an value of 1 or higher. We would also like to have the possibility to give a value of 0. Can you fix this for us?”

Easy – now their lazy students can have their zeros!

Also the client wanted to change the name of study cycles. It used to be 1 till 4 with a “periode” from 1 till 4. But the thing was that the school only had 3 years with 4 periods. So year 4 had to be removed. And the periods had to be sequentially, so it should have been 1 till 12.

We have changed the settings of their custom plugin built into their WordPress and now study cycles look in the following way:

Jaar 1 – Periode 1-4 ; Jaar 2 – Periode 5-8; Jaar 3 – Periode 9-12

The site is pretty easy to use and it got more logical after our intervention.


If you would like to build a site for your school / college / university and would like to have a system so your students can check their notes online, WordPress is a good idea. Feel free to contact us if you need a similar solution.



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