Manzara Fashion


Magento, Support


Manzara fashion is an international online shop that sells trendy women’s clothing created by manufacturers from across the world. They operate in the Slovenian –, Croatian –, Italian – and German markets. Their vision is to provide customers with high quality wear that correspond to the latest fashion trends. Manzara fashion store is followed by more than 250 000 people worldwide and happy customers often post in social networks about their latest trendy purchases. Manzara customers seek to stand out of the crowd and always keep up with what’s new in fashion.


At the end of 2015, Manzara stores faced a sharp increase in sales. Now it’s a big store with a significant number of visitors.


And as their development team we helped to deal with new problems that occur on big websites. We had to change server settings, create new virtual hosts, worked on speed optimization and now work on Frontend and Backend optimization.