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Tafelen is a Dutch restaurant that has a booking system created using Woocommerce:  http://www.tafelenrijsbergen.nl/nu/reserveren/

Their basis price for a table reservation is €29,50 and in the weekend there is an additional fee of €3 no matter for a child or for an adult.

What they wanted is to change their booking system in the following way:


– apply the additional fee of 3 EUR to adults only, no additional fee applied on children’s places on weekend reservations
– apply different prices to children under age of 3, 4-9 years old and 10-12 years old instead of basic price
– if a customer wants an extra hour (“extra tijd”) there will be added €5,- to the reservation per person.


We customized their module so new booking rules are applied.

Bon appetit!

If your restaurant needs a booking system or if you have an existing booking system and would like to customize it, you can contact us and get it done!



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