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Tecmagex is online sale of the largest selection of Shooting, Hunting, Reloading, Handguns, Optics by Lee Precision, Lyman, Hornady, Sierra, Caldwell, Frankford Arsenal – Handguns by Taurus, Glock, Hammerli, HW, Weihrauch and more. Special offers, latest products and fast delivery!

The client is working with us for almost 6 years. Initially we started the work on minor support items, such as layout fixes/adjustments, extensions installation and routine fixes.

Recently we made full site redesign, as the client wanted to update his Magento installation and attract new customers by fresh and clear design. Our designer created PSD mockups of all pages accordingly to client’s requirements and style preferences. As the result, we could create a fully responsive template for Magento 1.9.

The site was running on Magento 1.7., so we updated it to Magento 1.9. with all extensions, customizations and security patches. Upon update we notices few extensions’, such as search for example, incompatibility with 1.9. version. The problems were successfully fixed by our developers.

As the site is multi language and multistore (it has English and French store views) we had to pay attention to apply translation to all the pages and blocks. We also worked on brining the code of all stores to common view.

One of the most challenging task was to enhance site speed and optimize the server. We made a thorough server analysis: studied server logs and attendance statistics. Basing on received data, we searched for bottleneck places in the code and optimized them.

Main optimizations were related with SQL requests to large data fetch such as orders table for example.

We added extra cache for several places, for example, the data, which should not be updated to often, is cached rigidly. Besides we modified tables, where it was possible, for data fetch.

We didn’t forget about server security. Our developers restricted scripts running, this measure allowed to protect server from various attacks.

We pushed all our changes to the live site successfully and received kind compliments from Tecmagex team. We continue our cooperation on improving the website.

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