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Werenberg is a furniture shop located in a small town of Brenderup, Denmark. On their online shop they sell furniture and use the site to promote their products that they don’t sell online.

The client came to us with quite a questionable request to combine 2 themes into one. At first sight we determined that it wasn’t something that could be done quickly nor was it the best way to approach the project. So we advised to look for another theme that has all features that the client needed. After one week pause they got back to us with another theme.

After a couple weeks of customization, the theme was ready for deploy. In addition to front end customization, we added a couple of interesting features such as custom working hours. Their real shop is opened on every second working Sunday, so thanks to our feature, now they can define on which weeks of the year to display in the Sunday working hours.

While we were making changes on a staging server, their live shop was still working as usual. So during this period of time they had new orders, customers and they made changes to their products too. So we had to apply the live database on our installation and fix conflicts. Then when all conflicts were fixed, we transferred our changes to live and switched DNS and now you can see result of our work on their live site.







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