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ZODEE is an online store which sells and delivers goods to over 18 countries all over the world. Having over 150 000 items from over 200 top quality brands in stock it is one the most popular stores in Australia and England for selling high quality lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear.


Based on Magento Enterprise Edition, ZODEE is split among 5 servers and is completely integrated with the Fredhopper system – advanced site search and merchandising software, specializing in multidimensional navigation.


Current website traffic is estimated as approximately 25-30 thousand unique visitors per hour which makes it one of the most popular online shops in the Internet.


Our team is really proud of having participated in the development of the Zodee project: over 40 of our modules are installed on this portal.


One of the main challenges for us was the development of the design for the shop, since there was a third-party system involved – Fredhopper – which stores and outputs the content for the homepage. The solution was to create a unique cross-browser theme, which required deep customization on our side and integration of all systems.


Also, due to high visitors flow we had to apply and customize Full Page Cache that is built into Magento Enterprise Edition. Although later it appeared that using Full Page Cache did not solve the problem, so we had to spread the traffic load among 5 servers – the know-how we are applying today in other projects as well.


Previously the shop was installed on ASP system and to transfer it we had to export all records for shop items, categories, customer and order databases – total over 2 million records!


Today we still keep good relations with the Zodee team and hope to continue our mutually beneficial partnership!